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We may earn a commission from links on this page

PlayStation Move Gimps 4-Player Support

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Sony has just confirmed with us that PlayStation Move cannot support 4 players in its full configuration.

The complete experience of PlayStation Move requires two controllers per person, either two PlayStation Move wands or one wand and one sub (nunchuk-like) controller.


In a four-player game, that arrangement would equate to eight total controllers. But there's a problem that arose when we were pricing the Move peripherals. The PlayStation 3's Bluetooth support is limited to only seven connections. That would put Sony one controller short. Sports Champions, for instance, is a PS3 title in which you can wield a motion-controlled sword and shield. In a theoretical four-person configuration, such wouldn't be possible with fewer than eight connections.


So we contacted the company, and they clarified:

Four PlayStation Move controllers can connect to a PS3 at one time (or two PlayStation Move Controllers and 2 PlayStation Move sub-controllers).


So the total is actually quite a bit less than seven.

Does this mean that four players can't enjoy PlayStation Move titles at once? Absolutely not. Each player could use a single Move controller, much like some Wii titles need only the Wiimote. However, it does mean that designers are severely limited in what they can offer.


The good news is, absolutely none of this is confusing at all.