The girl from the 1981 Lego ad is now a doctor and still loves it

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Remember the stereotype-busting, heartwarming 1981 Lego ad featuring an adorable Lego-loving (gasp!) little girl? Well, her name is Rachel Giordano and she's all grown up, working as a naturopathic doctor in Seattle. She's still gaga for Lego, she just doesn't want a girly pink set.


When the ad was shot, Giordano was five-years-old. She was given a set of Lego to play with, and what she built was what was featured in the ad. It wasn't about gendered pink toys for girls or blue toys for boys, it was just about a cool set of Lego, Giordano says:

[LEGO] were 'Universal Building Sets' and that's exactly what they were…for boys and girls. Toys are supposed to foster creativity. But nowadays, it seems that a lot more toys already have messages built into them before a child even opens the pink or blue package. In 1981, [LEGO] were simple and gender-neutral, and the creativity of the child produced the message. In 2014, it's the reverse: the toy delivers a message to the child, and this message is weirdly about gender.

Perhaps some things have changed in terms of gender-branding, but Lego is still pretty awesome. And at least one little girl still loves 'em.

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This guy is also a naturopathic doctor.