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These 700-year-old barrels are filled with human excrement

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Archaeologists working at a 14th century site in Denmark have uncovered numerous latrine barrels filled with their original contents. The human poop, which is described as being in "excellent condition," still retains a putrid odor despite its age.

The barrels were discovered at an excavation site at I Vilhelm Werners square in Odense on Funen. The quality of the preservations are providing unique insights into the dietary habits of people living at this time.

The Copenhagen Post reports:

But what's also interesting is that the barrels were usually used for something else before becoming latrines, and the markings on the barrels reveal who owned it and whether it was used for the transportation of goods or storage of fish. The dig, which is ongoing and is one of the largest urban archaeological excavations in Danish history, also uncovered three barrels stacked on top of one another that turned out to be a well. The barrels were tied together and packed with clay, and at the bottom archaeologists found a system of pipes.

[ Source. Image via Facebook/infoboksen ]