Troody: Biped Dinosaur Robot

Modeled after the Troodon dinosaur, Troody is the brainchild of Peter Dilworth, MIT student. Six years in development, Troody can walk, sit and run. (This video mostly shows walking.)


1.5 feet tall and 4.2 feet long, Troody was meant to roam freely in museums to get people interested in science. And if that didn't work, Troody would be equipped with lasers and subsequently take over the world...slowly.
Thanks Tyler!
Troody Video

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Troody the bipedal dino-bot just met one of the most advanced projects dealing with the development of artificial intelligence in the world, Cog. Cog is designed to learn over time through experience with humans. But I fear these M.I.T. scientists were so preoccupied with whether or not they could, they didn't stop to think if they should. Combining the bipedal movement of Troody with the advanced A.I. of Cog can only lead to one thing....... You guessed it, Terminators. I suppose we should all start looking at purchasing bomb shelters for when skynet takes over our defense network and turns our own nukes against us. Then the robotic hybrids of Troody and Cog will ravage what's left of the human race. That is until a great man shall appear to lead us into battle against the machines, that's right you guessed it John Connor.........