Watch This Fun Documentary on Todd McFarlane's Comics Legacy

Todd McFarlane with a Spawn book.
Todd McFarlane with a Spawn book.
Photo: Tommaso Boddi (Getty Images)

Todd McFarlane is one of the most distinctive creators working in comics. His over-the-top, stylized artistry is recognizable a mile away, and had a defining impact on the era of comics he got his start in. He’s also, honestly, a very entertaining dude: frank, direct, and deeply in love with his own creations. Which means that a documentary about McFarlane, which features a lot of him talking about his creations and his own personal history, is, if nothing else, entertaining to watch.


Thanks to Syfy Wire, which recently posted its own 45-minute McFarlane documentary online for our viewing pleasure. With extensive interviews from McFarlane and his contemporaries, the doc tells the story of McFarlane’s growth and success in the comics industry, his toy line, and his long love affair with his most iconic creation, Spawn. It also, for some reason, features shot of him walking around, forlorn, in the desert. I don’t really know what that’s about, but it’s definitely fun.

This isn’t a documentary that’s going to tell you anything salacious or even critical about the comics industry. But if you want to be sucked into Todd’s world, and understand his point of view, this seems like an entertaining way to do it.

Also, there are many clips of him practicing boxing, if you’re into that.

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Growing up in the midst of that speculative bubble of the 90's, this brought back all the feels. I don’t regret anything about it, even if I did make it a point to grab all those #1 Image comics. Except Youngbloods, because it looked awful.