3D-Printed Nails Are Way Crazier Than Your Typical Press-Ons

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Man, I really love nail art. You might not share the same kind of enthusiasm for crazy custom manicures, but we can all agree that the Laser Girls' 3D-printed nails are decidedly cooler than your average press-on acrylics.

The Laser Girls is a collaboration by designers Sarah C. Awad and Dhemerae Ford. You can see (and soon buy) all of their designs from their Shapeways shop, and you can check out more on their Instagram and Tumblr. I, for one, can't get enough. Anyway, the duo just rounded out a residency at the Museum of Art and Design in New York about how they use 3D printing in their process.


Their otherworldly 10-fingered creations are pretty insane and atypical for a manicure. Ever wanted Lego nails? Or haute couture claws? Or something that looks like nothing you've ever seen nor could hope to recreate? A mani like that might make typing difficult, but chances are the Laser Girls are already thinking of it. And they're 3D printing it. [The Laser Girls]