On Sale Later This Year, Luna the Robot Can Walk Dogs and Do Other *Wink* Things

Human-sized with soft curves and silky skin, Luna the robot runs on Linux and even has her very own app store. With a touchscreen and cameras and microphones, she can react and respond, and take commands over Wi-Fi if needed. More »

Clean Barbecues With a Steaming Stainless Steel Brush

As a pescetarian, I refuse to clean the barbecue grills of their meat-soaked char-marks. I would probably consider using this Grand Grill Daddy though, as it'd keep my hands animal-free and wouldn't look too shabby hanging by the barbie, either. More »

It May be Digital, But Rolleiflex's MiniDigi Twin Lens Reflex Has All the Charm of the Original

As you point this Rolleiflex, your subject won't know your dirty little secret-that you're actually shooting a digital photo, rather than film. Just like the original TLRs, you look down into the lens-or 1.1-inch LCD, in this case. More »

Let Your iPhone Naturally Bump Music When You Ride

I'm going to buy a bike this summer. It's time to enjoy this city. But as most of you guys probably know, everything is better with music! This iPhone bicycle mount/passive amplifier will give the soundtrack to my rides. More »

An iPad Keyboard That Lays On Top of the iPad

I type like a grandpa on my iPad but I've never really wanted a physical keyboard for it because it'd be a pain carrying the damn thing. This iKeyboard, however, looks like it'd be the perfect compromise. More »

Xbox 360 Designers Cook Up Modular, Imaginary Kitchen

We usually don't post concept renders-and for good reason. They're usually stupid, and for that reason never, yknow, exist. But Astro's modular KitchenScape appliance set is quite the opposite: very clever, and worthy of existence! And highly attractive. More »