The World's First Wi-Fi Mouse's Battery Lasts for Nine Months

You are going to run out of USB ports on your computer. It's inevitable. And sucky! But HP's new Wi-Fi Mobile Mouse helps you conserve those ports by connecting wirelessly—not with Bluetooth, though. Wi-Fi. More »

The Bridge IIIP Swirls Your iPhone With Your Home Theater

So you've got a ton of your favorite music on your iPhone, but no AirPlay speakers. You want to lie back on the couch and enjoy some Keri Hilson. I feel you. The Bridge IIIP makes your iPhone A/V family. More »

Folding Your Laptop in Half is Passe. Fold this Thing in Quarters

Look, this Fujitsu hybrid notebook/tablet is years and years away from existing. And by then, will we use the notebook form factor at all? Who knows, but I love this flexible, folding screen, which doesn't have a distracting middle hinge. More »

Swiss Army's New Knife Is Literally Hard as Nails

Victorinox's Remade In Switzerland range of products uses actual old Swiss army artefacts, upcycled to become brand new pieces. Like this Swiss army knife, which has been made from old horseshoe nails. You can literally be hard as nails now. More »

Adapter-Friendly Power Strips Never Get Old

The Pivot Power strip isn't the first to try and solve the bulky power adapter problem. And like others, its rotating design probably won't top the Power Squid in sheer utility. But others aren't nearly as attractive as this one. More »

All Four of Coke's Classic Bottles Since 1899 Have Been Reissued For Their 125th Birthday

Who here recognizes any of the Coke bottles in that rack? We should all be familiar with the far-right one, which has been in production since 1916, but do you recognize the other three, which were on shelves from 1899? More »

Panasonic's New Lumix G3 Snaps Snappier Shots (and Loves to Be Touched)

Panasonic's newest Micro Four Thirds cam is a mostly-incremental boost over its predecessor, the G2. But improved specs on an already solid base is good news. The G3 brings a new sensor, faster shots, less noise, and a touch-heavy interface. More »

Why We'll Wear Watches Again

For most people, the only reason to wear a watch anymore is to tell other people that you are the kind of person that still wears a watch. (Or a terrorist.) But the Meta Watch isn't just a watch. More »