Charge Your iPhone with Your Mouth, and More from TreeHugger

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This week on TreeHugger, amazing animal sculptures made from CDs, DIY solar power packs for gadgets, an app for driving that will save you fuel, and more!


1. Incredible Animal Sculptures Made from Broken CDs
Sean Avery transforms junked CDs into colorful and creative works of art.

2. Stunning LED Light Mimics Coral Reef
These gorgeous lights take a cue from even more gorgeous coral reef structures.

3. Pegasus Statue Made from 3,500 Phones Could Have Been Awesome
This rather phenomenal statue crafted from wire and cell phones is interesting, but we'd love to have seen one major thing done differently.

4. Charge Your iPhone with Your Breath
Breathing new meaning into the term 'hot air': A new design concept could charge your gadgets with your own breath.

5. Solar and Water-Powered Street Lights Take a Cue from the Mango Leaf
This elegant concept design inspired by the shapely mango leaf has the potential to beautify street lined with solar lights.

6. Powerful DIY Solar Power Pack Is Made from Bamboo
The Chi-qoo Solar Power Pack from Bootstrap Solar can charge just about anything, and comes as a kit, great for DIY-ers.


7. The Perfect Green Tech Toy for Kids
Designer Endrit Hajno has come up with a design for a toy that teaches kids how to not only generate, but monitor renewable energy.

8. EcoSpeed App Directs Your Driving, Cuts Fuel Use by 30%
EcoSpeed, a new app that finds the most fuel-efficient route for your drive and then gives pointers on driving behavior while you go, could cut fuel use by 30 percent.


9. Rugged Solar-Powered and Waterproof iPhone Case is a Backpacker's Dream
Snow Lizard has unveiled their ultra-rugged, solar-powered and waterproof iPhone case, perfect for outdoor warriors.

10. Make An iPad or Kindle Case From An Old Book And Sugru
An easy and fun project for book lovers.




Is it just me or did the dude on the landing page for #4 remind anyone of Step 1 towards a real-life Matrix?