Eggs Shaped Like Golf Balls Mean It's Finally OK To Play With Your Food

Playing with your food is a real no-no when you're a kid. But once you're old enough to head off to college, it suddenly becomes OK—at least if Animal House taught us anything. And OK or not, it's all but impossible to resist playing around with a boiled egg that's been molded into the shape of soccer, tennis, and golf balls.

Available from the aptly-named Monkey Business for just $12 each, the plastic molds, designed by designed by Avichai Tadmor, are pretty easy to use. You just hard boil an egg, place it into the mold and seal it up before it cools, and then submerge the whole thing in cold water. In a manner of minutes you'll have the perfect dinner sporting accessory. In fact, a tennis racket's webbing could actually be pretty useful for slicing eggs. [Monkey Business]


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