How You Should Be Preparing for El Niño

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There are people preparing for pretty much anything these days. Solar storms. Zombie apocalypses. And yes, there are even preppers who are getting ready for the gargantuan El Niño set to befall the US this winter. This is their advice.

Harvest your rainwater

Rainwater capture is often performed by simply diverting the flow of rainwater from the roof to a rainwater tank. However, in order to safely do so and minimize the risk of contaminants, it is important to allow the initial flow of rainwater to go to waste, as dust, dirt, and even animal feces can accumulate on the roof beforehand.

The Weekend Prepper

Fill your tanks

I do believe I’m going to store more gallons of water underneath the bed and make sure the camping heaters & stoves are working and that we have full propane tanks.

—Twibble, Desert Rat Preppers

Get a good umbrella

I have waterproof hiking boots, and my Senz windproof umbrella. Need to clear the gutters. Other than that, just need to pay attention to flooding on freeways and plan for power outages. I was here in 1997, don’t recall it being all that bad. Some neighborhoods distributed sandbags, but my house is on top of a small slope, so we don’t have any flood worries.

theimmc, Gizmodo

Invest in bags, many bags

Stock up on food, prescription medications and water. Keep your kits in order in case you have to evacuate. Have both a proper Bug Out Bag (BOB) and a VIP bag for your very important papers. It’s a good idea to keep these in a ziplock bag to keep them dry. Also, have a backup copy in a removable thumbs drive.

The Modern Survivalist

Buy a generator (only if on sale)

Yeah, but other than a lot of rain for us on the East Coast (the Southeast at least), it’s actually kept nasty storms from forming in the Atlantic or the Gulf of Mexico. So much so that I’m putting off a generator purchase until next year instead. (unless some really good sales at the end of this season).

—Gazrock, DoomsdayPrepperForums

Get flood insurance

Purchase flood insurance ahead of time. Often, flooding is not covered under natural disaster insurance, and will require a separate insurance policy specifically for flooding. Contact your insurance provider about flood insurance. Don’t wait until the rains come to apply! Most insurance companies have a 30 day waiting period before this policy can be effective. Keep your insurance policies and itemized list of personal property in a safe location.

Emergency Preparedness Center

Hunker down

Well as we all know CA is in a drought. According to the internets we are (cen. Cal.) Are in for a historic el nino this year into the next. So it goes without saying im getting ready for this. I remember the el nino of 97 and power outages were a problem in my town. So a generator is at the top of my list. So far i own the three main guns we all should have, a glock,ar15, and shotgun. Im a reloader so ammo has never been a problem. My wife and I are very proficiant with the guns. (Im convinced my wife is a secret spy as she can call her shots at 10 yards) other than that im stocking up on water,batteries,canned food, gas for a camping stove, ill stock up on fuel if i buy a generator, i need to upgrade my firstaid bag and stock up on over the counter meds, board games to keep our three kids busy, i keep my car maticulously maintained. Is there anything im missing?? We plan to just hunker down and stay home most of the time. Depending if the schools and work is closed down. Which happened a few times in 97. Im. Ot too worried about crime. Although some stores were looted this year during a storm that knocked out the power city wide. But it wasnt anything our local PD couldnt handle. Is there anything else Im missing? Im buying a little at a time every pay day.

—Readyforelnino, r/preppers

Don’t trust the weather forecast

I just saw the Farmer’s Almanac this afternoon, and while El Nino is supposed to give the PNW more warmth, less rain, and probably no snow, the Almanac is predicting lots of rain, snow and cold.

It will be interesting to see who we can trust. If any.

—FussyOldHen, American Preppers Network

The government controls the weather anyway

Until the HAARP transmitters’ duty cycle and output power pulses are either dialed back or turned off altogether, California will not have sufficient rain to saturate the ground and replenish reservoirs. The West coast drought is a deliberate engineered catastrophe. Weather options and derivatives are now being traded on Wall St. if you can believe it. Betting on the weather on Wall St. is now taking place. The people operating the Phased Array / HAARP transmitters and scheduling the jets to dump chemical aerosols in the skies in preparation for incoming Pacific storms are entirely responsible for preventing rainfall / precipitation in California. If a strong El Nino does occur and dumps rain all season it will be a result of the HAARP transmitters being turned off and not killing off the low pressure systems’ cores with intense heat from focused RF power - AS IS BEING DONE NOW. None of California’s politicians have the technical knowledge or scientific curiosity to understand what is being said here. Today’s NOAA satellite watervapor attached. Note the dark circular areas and oblong wedge shaped dark areas in the satellite photo; those are the HAARP transmitters’ targets to block or redirect weather systems. Typically they are stationary but they can be moved at will - as is the case with a high pressure dome over Texas that is now moving East to West back to California to block an offshore moisture field.

—426hemi, Ready Nutrition

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The last conspiracy guy thinks the government is intentionally ruining the California crops, BUT he supports his claim using satellite data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Classic.