Watch League of Super-Pets' Post-Credits Scene, Starring a Pile of Rocks

Dwayne Johnson released the scene of Superman and Black Adam's dogs facing off for all to enjoy.

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Krypto the Super-dog pants happily at the foot of Superman's bed.
Screenshot: Warner Bros.

If you didn’t make it to theaters to watch League of Super-Pets, or just weren’t interested in forking over cash to watch Batman’s dog Ace talking about peeing on things, you can still see the movie’s silly post-credits scene thanks to star Dwayne Johnson. As befits the movie’s kid-friendly mien, it’s not a tease for the next film in Warner Bros.’ increasingly inscrutable roster of films or esoteric fan service; instead, it’s just a bunch of Rocks.

Seriously. The scene is about Krypto the Super-Dog (voiced by Johnson) and Superman (voiced by John Krasinski) meeting Black Adam (voiced by Johnson, who will play the “anti-hero” in the upcoming live-action film) and his dog Anubis (...also voiced by Johnson). Behold:


I’ve curious why Black Adam would be approaching Superman in a Metropolis public park, but I have to admit, what I truly can’t stop thinking about is whether Anubis is wearing his own full-body spandex outfit. It sure looks like it, but then, how does Adam take his dog for walkies? It seems like an immense amount of work to take the outfit on and off again each time just so Anubis can have his own glowing lightning bolt on his chest. Superman and Krypto have the right idea—a small logo on the collar, and no muss, no fuss.

League of Super-Pets is still in some theaters, but should be available digitally on September 13.


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