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We all ate oatmeal when we were kids, right? Of course. We all loved the delicious taste of brown-sugar and cinnamon in our mouths but it was always a bit boring. Thus, Quaker oatmeal has come up with a new way of satisfying us: Genetically altering the conditions of oatmeal so that real dinosaur eggs can hatch inside! It's truly amazing. Allow me to quote from the Quaker website:

A prehistoric adventure begins as soon as kids empty the packet of brown sugar-flavored oatmeal into their bowl, add boiling water and begin to stir! Within seconds, dinosaur eggs hatch into brightly colored baby stegosaurus and triceratops.


Kids? I hardly would say that this is only for kids. What kind of kid can handle a triceratops popping right out of your god damned oatmeal bowl? I know I'd be armed to the teeth with a spoon and a big appetite! Remember Jurassic Park? I doubt all that high tech engineering was needed. After all, Quaker managed to cram real dinosaur eggs into a bowl of oatmeal without Jeff Goldblum. Any dinosaur enthusiast should immediately try this oatmeal. If you need more explaining on how you can re-create dinosaurs with the flick of a spoon, watch this short movie.