Giant Jellyfish Swarms Off The Coast Of Japan

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Just when you thought it was safe. Overfishing and human activities have led to jellyfish growth all over the world. And not just in population; this jellyfish, found off of the coast of Japan, is almost 5 feet across.


Not only that, but scientists have found jellyfish weighing up to 440 pounds.

Human runoff has created a nutrient-rich environment for these giant jellies, and overfishing has reduced their competition in the oceans. And now these giants are taking over, able to tear through fishing nets and decimate local fishing populations.


A "giant jellyfish" invasion sounds like something even Crow T. Robot and Tom Servo would scoff at, but the Australian Commonwealth Scientific and Research Organization has conjectured that this boom in jellyfish population and size could lead to them becoming the next kings of the ocean. The largest is called the Nomura, and it can grow to almost seven feet in diameter. Maybe we should put the coast guard on kaiju watch. Just in case.

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Image credit: Yomiuri Shibun/AFP/Getty Images